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“In this brave new world, in which formulas and equations play a much bigger role than ever before, our ignorance of mathematics is being abused by the powers that be, and this will continue until we start taking math seriously for what it is: a powerful weapon that can be used for good and for ill.”

Edward Frenkel / Feb 2013 / Slate

“But we need to think of it in terms of literacy, because technology is a new system of communication, it’s a new set of symbols that people have to intuitively understand. … And technical literacy in our society is a rare and precious resource. … And we need this in government, we need advocates, we need specialists, we need experts, [who] work in the service of these senior civil servants and so on, and they can aid and explain and interpret in the same way [as a] foreign language interpreter.”

Edward Snowden / Jul 2014 / The Guardian

Live TV coverage of Apollo 11 landing and moon walk


Apollo TV teaser

45 years ago today, the lunar module from the Apollo 11 mission landed on the Moon. For the 40th anniversary of the landing in 2009, I put together a page where you can watch the original CBS News coverage of Walter Cronkite reporting on the Moon landing and the first Moon walk, synced to the present-day time. I’ve updated the page to work again this year: just open this page in your browser and the coverage will start playing at the proper time. Here’s the schedule:

Moon landing broadcast start: 4:10:30 pm EDT on July 20
Moon landing shown: 4:17:40 pm EDT
Moon landing broadcast end: 4:20:15 pm EDT
Moon walk broadcast start: 10:51:27 pm EDT
First step on Moon: 10:56:15 pm EDT
Nixon speaks to the Eagle crew: approx 11:51:30 pm EDT
Moon walk broadcast end: 12:00:30 pm EDT on July 21

Here’s what I wrote when I launched the project:

If you’ve never seen this coverage, I urge you to watch at least the landing segment (~10 min.) and the first 10-20 minutes of the Moon walk. I hope that with the old time TV display and poor YouTube quality, you get a small sense of how someone 40 years ago might have experienced it. I’ve watched the whole thing a couple of times while putting this together and I’m struck by two things: 1) how it’s almost more amazing that hundreds of millions of people watched the first Moon walk *live* on TV than it is that they got to the Moon in the first place, and 2) that pretty much the sole purpose of the Apollo 11 Moon walk was to photograph it and broadcast it live back to Earth.


The first time I had proper Mexican food was when I was in Alabama. I made this face: :D~ (the tilde signifies drool)

but of course! and you know who else has very important feelings about drool? tangentspace

i really do have strong feelings about drool

not being able to drool forced me to cancel my first date with s-t! we rescheduled. but my face had already swelled up like a chipmunk (i’d had an allergic reaction to non-alcoholic listerine, which is apparently common). she says pics or it didn’t happen but i took several selfies and all they’re all very flattering i promise.

so i had to cancel our first date because i couldn’t drool that day. imagine a day without drool. imagine all the people~ not drooling for a dayyyy~

since then i’ve been a tad over-enthusiastic about drooling.

  • sour candy
  • waking up in a puddle of your own drool
  • that moment when you’re at the restaurant and your ear perks up because you hear your server coming up behind you and then the smell hits you
  • dogs

i hear some people have a family coat of arms. mine doesn’t but i suppose i could start one. and it should feature a ~