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  • colleague: I'm going to draw this in 2D since I can't draw in higher dimensions.
  • me: *serious academic voice* Oh. You can't? Have you not been practicing? You should really be studying more.
  • colleague: No, you see, you just can't draw in dimensions greater than ... *pauses*
  • colleague: ...
  • colleague: Thanks. Thanks a lot.
  • me: *chortling gleefully*




also someone give my boyfriend a dog asap

for some reason i just assumed that tangentspace already had an entire pack of pugs at his disposal and was an established #pugmaster

so! the story is that we both love dogs but that we are a) not in a good financial place to be the kind of dog parents we want to be and b) are moving/traveling a lot, meaning right this instant is not the best time to become dog parent. i have made a vow, however, that if i get jorb, i will get dog.

*nods* right now dog uncle not dog parent, sadly. need jorb, house + yard, etc



i need way more ginger in my diet. what are some foods i can eat that are essentially just ginger in food form? thanks in advance.

edit: savory

i feel like tangentspace is going to have answers for this (didn’t you put a lot of ginger in those brussels sprouts?)

i like to put huge chunks of ginger in my stir fries sometimes? i have this one recipe which is mainly caramelized sugar, chicken and ginger? and trader joes has some decent candied ginger. annnnd that’s it.