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the other night i was laying in bed with my boyfriend and we were cuddling and he pulled me close and said softly “i have to tell you something” and for two seconds i freaked out thinking oh god what happened is he unhappy in the relationship what is this about and then he leaned in and whispered in my ear:

hail hydra

summer goals 2014

  • drw and i have vowed to watch all the summer movies
    • godzilla aka Pacific Rim the Prequel
    • gotg and any other superhero flicks
    • sharknado or sharkgator (?)
    • X-Men: The Inconvenient Plot Developments of all the Preceding Movies Requires a Reboot via Thinly Veiled Time Travel Pretense
      • (If JJ Abrams Did It So Can We)
  • much poolside lounging
  • much sampling of fancy restaurants in evening fancywear

Some personal goals include

  • graduating. (hence the tumblr silence)
  • jorb
  • finish seasons 4 & 5 of btvs
  • get to the 2048 tile
  • the last two are actually the same